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“Matter of Trust” April, 2009

Design Bureau Architecture Issue featuring David Neff


“Bellport Home” 2012

Forever Green featuring Architect David Neff


“Rustic” 2012


“When my husband and I finally found the right location to build our dream family home, the next step was to find the right architect to design it. We narrowed it down to three contenders at which point we asked each one to present us with preliminary drawings based on conversations about our vision, layout and overall design. David captured everything we had talked about and we immediately knew he understood what we wanted. Quite honestly the design and layout didn’t change much from that first drawing. David really listened to everything we had to say and has an amazing eye for detail. I was quite daunted by the home building process but David made the experience so much easier. He worked with closely with the construction team and our interior designer said his drawings were the most detailed she’s ever had. It’s been wonderful to see our vision unfold from that first drawing to a home that is more beautiful than we could have imagined.” -Vivienne M., West Nyack, NY

“David is an incredibly talented architect with the ability and willingness to provide high quality work and superior counsel for a wide range of projects. It is an absolute joy to work with him and we feel very lucky to have him as part of our team. He effectively collaborates with all parties and is receptive to ideas, happy to incorporate great suggestions wherever they might come from. For example, he actively sought the input of our interior designer and contractor and seemed to be genuinely appreciative of their feedback. David keeps the big picture in mind at all times and is always thinking several steps ahead. He asks very direct questions of us as clients to get us thinking about how we will ultimately use a space and the overall look and feel that we hope to achieve. He is patient with us and does not seem frustrated when we have gone back and forth on decisions. He believes in the benefits of exploring all options and seems to appreciate what a client must work through in order to be completely comfortable with certain decisions. He is quick to bring up any concerns he has with some design requests and takes the time to explain why he advises one way over another. My husband and I find our meetings with David to be efficient and productive and we truly value his contribution. We look forward to working with him on future projects.” -K. Hopp, Greenwich, CT